Pre-order “Heroes!”


HEROES anthology coverSilence in the Library Publishing has issued pre-order details for Heroes!, the superhero anthology book that will contain one of my short stories, The Never-Ending Battle.

My story will be among many short stories from a notable list of authors, including the late Aaron Allston, Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Gail Z. Martin, Jean Rabe, John Kovalic, Alan Dean Foster, Maxwell Alexander Drake, Janine K. Spendlove, Patrick S. Tomlinson, Dylan Birtolo, Donald J. Bingle, Sheryl Nantus, Sarah Hans, Daniel Myers, Bradley P. Beaulieu, Jennifer Brozek, Gregory A. Wilson, Bryan Young, Addie J. King, Aaron Rosenberg, R.T. Kaelin, Jaym Gates, Steven Saus, Tracy Chowdhury, and Kelly Swails.  The book will also feature illustrations for each story, and the original cover art pictured here.  (So you know: My character doesn’t look like one of those on the cover.)

I’ve done comparably little writing on superheroes over the years; but one of my earlier novels, Midgard’s Militia, was a story about a world that had suddenly lost its heroes to an extraterrestrial threat that was still approaching Earth; and As the Mirror Cracks is a novel about a virtual world that included monsters and superheroes in its program, and the threat to its existence that would have serious ramifications in the real world.

Print and ebook versions of Heroes! will be available.  Pre-order yours today!


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