The future of personal commuting


I like this video: It does a nice job illustrating the need for and future of alternative road vehicles to replace the traditional automobile in our cities.

Why is this important?  Take a look at this image from Asia…


…now imagine the gridlock potential if all these commuters drove full-sized cars.  Statistics predict that in a few years, the number of personal cars in Asia alone (mostly India and China) will outnumber the number of cars in the world at this moment.  We need to get more commuters out of full-sized cars and into smaller commuting vehicles.

3 thoughts on “The future of personal commuting

  1. I know some of these projects are still in development, others have since died. The key measure of progress, however, will be selling these products to the public; and I’ve seen very little progress along those lines so far.

    I live for the day when I come across one of these products, at a reasonable price, in something other than an obscure website or a company on the far side of the country from me; in other words, selling in my local auto mall. I thought the Carver (Venture One) would be that vehicle, but it didn’t survive; now, I watch for signs of the Lit Motors C1, or at least the upcoming generations of electric motorcycles.

    I wish I knew what was likely to be the first to break that perception barrier in the US, because it’s a pretty hefty barrier; but I’m convinced that when it comes down, it’ll mark a sea-change in American commuting.


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