Another (promo idea) bites the dust


For the record: Total failure.

Without going into details, I was recently saddened to hear that a new promotional opportunity looks like it’s not going to work out.  This, after my recent appearance at Awesome Con, which similarly seemed very strong in promotional potential, then fizzled into nothing afterward.  (Lesson learned: Don’t try to sell SF books at a comic convention.)

A quote recently came across my desk from somewhere online, about authors: “If you’re not promoting, you’re not selling.”  So, what do you do when you are promoting… and you’re still not selling?

“Do something else,” is the usual answer you’ll hear.  And most people you ask will have many ideas of something else you can do.  But after 8 years, I’ve about used every promotional tool I can get my hands on (or can afford), none of which have worked.

Result: I’ve officially run out of ideas.  And I’d already decided that I wouldn’t write any more, if I couldn’t figure out how to sell the books I have.  (I haven’t… so I haven’t.)  I have officially made the transition from author of over 15 books… to failed promoter of a catalog of over 15 books.

This is especially distressing, since the intent was for this to be my future career; the way I’d make a living, when I could no longer work as a web developer.  Considering how fast technology changes, my current position could be completely obsolete within a decade, two max.  What then?  Selling novels was supposed to be that what then; but after 8 years’ development, it’s increasingly looking like a stillborn project.

What’s the statute of limitations on a lost cause?

If you haven’t guessed it, I’m really just venting, here.  Though this effort isn’t looking promising, I’ll continue to keep it up, because… well, it gives me something to do.  At least, until the next idea with good potential and equally long odds comes along.

But at this point, I’ve accepted the fact that book selling is less likely to work out for me than winning the lottery.

I should go buy a ticket.

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