Orbiting habitat design

Kalpana spacehab

Bryan Versteeg, spacehabs.com

I love this habitat design, and this shot.  It’s very similar in design to what I specified for the satellite Verdant (in Verdant Skies), with the exception that Verdant was longer than it was in diameter; this is more a drum, where Verdant was a cylinder.

The hubs feature balcony levels, which, in Verdant Skies, rotated independently so as to provide either 1G simulated gravity equal to the main interior, or varying degrees of lower gravity, right down to a full counter-rotation to create 0 gravity, for medical or research uses.  It also features the “sun column,” the axis that bridges both sides of the hab and provides heat and light to the interior.

Edit: Turns out the creator, Brian Versteeg, has named this the Kalpana One Space Settlement.  He provides additional renders and great detail on it at Gizmodo.

Kalpana One Space Settlement


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