Proposed new cover for Kestral III


The House of Jacquarelle cover2014This is the first new design proposal for the third Kestral novel, The House of Jacquarelle.  Any opinions out there?

I’ll be spending time on an editing pass through the novel before I re-release it, so there’s time to mess with this design, or try a few other variations.  This design is similar to the first cover design, which featured Kestral and Mark O’Bannon in the literal crosshairs of an unknown assailant, and the Jacquarelle Mansion behind them.  This time, I used my recently-discovered model for Kestral, a new building for the mansion, the new book layout, and a judicious use of Photoshop.

Do you think it works?  Does it catch the eye?  Does it look exciting… or cheesy?  Let me know what you think.

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