Working Awesome Con


Awesome ConIt’s official: I will be working at the upcoming Awesome Con, in Washington DC April 18-21, on two of the discussion panels.  I’ve been asked to participate in a discussion on traditional vs self-publishing, and one on the philosophical subject: “Are Heroes Getting Smaller?”

I was actually asked about a third panel which I had rather vaguely pitched, to discuss working real science ideas into modern science fiction… what I call futurist fiction.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have anyone else to put on such a panel.  So they offered to let me be a one-person panel!

I considered it; but my thought was, “Take an author no one knows and have him do a panel on what happens to be the most unpopular sub-genre of science fiction at the moment?  It’ll be me and three guys, all taking a nap while they wait for the next scheduled act in that room!”  I politely declined.

Pam MelroyI’m looking forward to the panels I’ll be sitting in on, and any others I can check out… not to mention, visiting my first SF convention in years, something I plan to do more of in the future… and maybe to confer, converse, and otherwise hob-nob with my brother wizards… er, uh, fellow creators and artists, including a few famous faces from TV and movies, established and upcoming writers and comic artists, and even a former astronaut.

Mostly I feel the need to connect with more people in my chosen interest.  My lack of regular connection to SF fans leaves me feeling… well, if not alone, let’s say… isolated.  I need a reminder that there are more SF fans around than just me and one or two people I know.

And hopefully this will give me another promotional outlet as well, improving my chances of increasing my public profile and getting some sales action going… at the very least, giving me some added incentive to write another book!

So, if you manage to come, look for the publishing and heroes panels, stop by, and wave if you see me!

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