Proof of the Big Bang reinforces my own favorite theory


big_bang_inflationThe monstrous news this week is about data from Harvard scientists that identified evidence of cosmic inflation right after the Big Bang. This is a Nobel Prize-level discovery, which reinforces the theory of the Big Bang and rules out the theory that our universe undergoes a regular Big Bang, Big Crunch, Big Bang creation loop.

There are many layman’s descriptions of this phenomenon and its significance (this one from Gizmodo actually isn’t bad)… and make no mistake, it’s hugely significant as it reinforces one theory over another, and brings us that much closer to the moment of creation.  However, even this finding does not answer two significant questions: What, exactly, caused the Big Bang; and what, exactly, was there before the Big Bang?  Some scientists argue that, since the moment before the Big Bang would not be anything observable, it just doesn’t matter; only the result is important.

Others still want more than that, understandably… I, in particular, would love to know what there was before the Big Bang, and what caused the Bang in the first place.

I have a theory.

Some scientists believe that our universe is one of many universes, separated from each other by a unique “frequency” inherent to that universe.  Much like parallel sheets of paper separated by space, not touching, these universes exist parallel to each other, not touching, by virtue of their different frequencies keeping them apart.  These universes are called “branes,” or membranes, each one as real and viable as the next.


Multiple universes–branes–each existing parallel to each other, separated by a unique “frequency.”

Some scientists theorize that over time these branes’ frequencies change, which causes them to move in relation to each other: The closer to the same frequency, the closer branes will be to each other.  Occasionally (eventually?) two branes’ frequencies become identical and they come together, powerfully combining their fundamental elements and energies into one.  This essentially annihilates the two branes and creates a new brane, and all of those fundamental elements from two branes are injected into the one new brane through a burst of energy emanating at a single point in the new brane, creating a (…wait for it…) Big Bang.

An illustration of brane/universes coming together to create new branes

An illustration of brane/universes coming together to create new branes.

Sooner or later, our brane, once created by the merging of two older branes, will itself merge with another brane, and the resultant collision will annihilate our two branes and create a single brand new one.  Maybe the end result of all this merging will be one final brane, the final universe of all the universes.  Or, maybe, the brane we live in is the last one…

Obviously, I have no physics to back this up.  No one does.  We just have further proof of the Big Bang that would have resulted from the events of my theory.  On the other hand, no one can contradict it yet, either… how cool is that?

lens_coverd2014By the way (of a shameless plug), this is the same theory I made reference to in the second Kestral novel, The Lens: The Brane Spray Symphony that is the reward (and punishment) of a bet between Mark and Sarander is supposed to be a days-long Fantasia-like artistic recreation of the beginning of the universe, starting with the moment when two branes finally meet and the resultant ejecta create our universe, in an effect quite similar to a (…wait for it…) Big Bang.

One thought on “Proof of the Big Bang reinforces my own favorite theory

  1. Thanks for the Gizmodo link. That really does help clear some stuff up for me. I like your theory. I certainly hope it’s true… and that our brane’s frequency isn’t approaching anyone else’s at the moment.


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