R.I.P. Aaron Allston, 1960-2014


Aaron AllstonI’m shocked and sad to hear about the passing of Aaron Allston yesterday, from heart failure.  I personally loved his Doc Sidhe novels (I’m a big Doc Savage fan, on which the Sidhe books were based), and was looking forward to seeing them released as ebooks; but he was better known for his Star Wars novels, set in the SW Extended Universe.

A publisher I’ve recently connected with had a working relationship with Aaron, and I’d hoped it would mean a chance to meet him some time in the next few months.  Now, not only am I sad that I missed him… but I’m slightly alarmed, as he happened to be the same age as me (something I’ll unfortunately be thinking a lot about, as I shovel the latest batch of snow from my driveway today).

My thoughts are with his friends, family and colleagues.  Sorry I never had the chance to meet the guy.


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