New cover for The Lens


I plan to do more work on this, but it may be the 2014 cover for The Kestral Voyages: The Lens.

The Lens 2014 cover (?)

This cover is proving especially tricky, because of the subject of the book—are the problems to the Engineers’ terraforming efforts being caused by a terrorist leader, or a planet that is somehow sentient and angry?—which is defying my efforts to visualize.  Also, although I found a great model for Carolyn Kestral, I haven’t been able to find a lot of good photos of her to use on a Kestral cover.  The shot above is obviously the same one used in My Life, After Berserker, and I think I’m stuck with it.

Fortunately (depending on how you look at it), the Washington, D.C. area has just been dumped on by another SnowNotAgain, and my office is closed today; so I’ll have more time to mess with this and see if I can do something else.


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