The Grand Plan ends in 2013


Steven Lyle JordanNo, not Obamacare.  (God, you people have one track minds!)  The “Grand Plan” was my plan to promote my books, using the web and social media to build presence, gain interest and followers, find readers and encourage those readers to tell their friends about my books.  And it’s over.

A plan begun in 2006, it picked up a score or so of interested followers, but never really rose above that level… then dropped steadily, as all the assumptions about web- and SM-based sharing and buzz turned out to be empty.  Turns out, no one shared.  No one responded to ads and promotion—in fact, they outright avoided ads and promotion at all costs.  No one read my witty or informative blog or Facebook posts and said, “Hey, this guy is pretty sharp.  I should see if his books are any good.”

Efforts to make myself known to serious science fiction readers (and the websites they frequented) were similarly fruitless, as they had already decided that independent authors were not “legitimate” without a major publisher behind them… and therefore they must suck.  Emails, requests, book submissions and press releases were all ignored.  Crickets.

So, as of 2014, I’m shutting down the Grand Plan.  Other than this blog, I will no longer maintain a web-based book-selling presence.  The blog will mostly concern itself with posts about wonderful futurist ideas and ground-breaking technology which, I believe, will someday impact and transform life as we know it, and are therefore worth mentioning.

The books will continue to sit on the servers at Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and do what they will (or won’t, as the case may be).  I just don’t know what to do with them; I don’t have a new plan.  They’ll just have to hang around until I figure it out.

So, what will 2014 be occupied with?  Well, mostly trying to reconnect with friends and family that my writing has alienated or pushed to the wayside.  I’m also going to tend to my own entertainment desires, instead of the desire to entertain others.  Time for a change.

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