Backing off


Steven Lyle JordanI’ve been noticeably bummed this past week: I keep reflecting on the fact that none of the promotional attempts I’ve made recently has had any success lately (and I mean as in zero success).  Every so often that particular hammer taps me on the skull, and I spend a few days sulking and brooding over the ego bruise it leaves.

Eventually, the bruise goes away, and I stop sulking.  But I’ve come to realize I specifically keep getting hit by that hammer because I spend way too much time around it.

It’s actually good that I’m realizing this now, because the holiday season is almost upon us, and I have good reason to stay away from that hammer and not ruin my fun this time of year.  Hopefully as well, staying away from that hammer will help me find other things to occupy my time and not make it obvious that I’m dancing around with one eye cocked at the spot where that hammer always comes down.

That means cutting back on Facebook.  (I needed to do that, anyway… terrible waste of time if you let it.)  Less time chronicling my activities online, so I have more time for… activities.  Less time thinking about redesigns of my books site (I’ve come to realize it’s not the design that’s keeping people from finding it).  Less time trying to recall bits and pieces of dreams to figure out if they’d make good book material.  Less time rehearsing my interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show.

And less time spent trying to figure out what blog subjects will attract more readers.

Overall, a backing off of the whole writing thing.  I don’t want this bruise to be permanent.

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