Happy New Era toastSo, 2012 has now gone into the yearbooks as being another year when the world didn’t end!  HAPPY NEW ERA!  Silly, really… thinking that reaching the end of the Mayan “long-count” calendar meant there was no more… pretty much like thinking that reaching December 31st meant there would be no January 1st.  Ah, me.  (For more info about why the world didn’t end, check out this NASA video.)

So, now that we’ve gotten that foolish notion out of our heads (assuming you’re not still hung over from last night… and I can’t wait to see the pregnancy figures a few months from now), maybe we should start thinking about what we are going to do to make sure humanity reaches the end of this long-count calendar (which, by the way, will be December 21st, 7137).

For instance: Studies have shown that a government overseeing all nations, like our American Federal government overseeing all states, would go further to protect all nations from wars, genocide, environmental damage, economic collapse and health threats than individual governments can manage (and as we’ve seen, a world if individual governments has only led us to the brink of war and economic collapse many times over).  Maybe we should be working to enact a world government.

Or, there’s the little issue about global warming and climate change.  Scientists have begun to realize that the changes our ecosystem is experiencing, and will continue to experience, will be much worse than they thought: For example, not just a simple shifting of most agricultural belts to more northern latitudes, but their complete eradication; and oceans so acidic that sea life will die off in mass numbers.

And has anyone mentioned to you that the Yellowstone Caldera—yes, it’s not just a pretty park with geysers… that there’s a multi-state-spanning supervolcano—is not only prepped to erupt, causing ecological fallout like the event that began the death of the dinosaurs which will last for centuries… but that it’s actually overdue to go off?  (Actually, I’ve probably mentioned it myself once or twice.)  Maybe we should be thinking about preserving our race beyond the planet’s capability to support us… establishing homes in space or on other planets.

Or maybe… just maybe… we should start being nice to each other.  To be more responsible towards those who need assistance, to be more careful not to do harm, to love each other unconditionally.  To stop acting irresponsibly about the condition of our one and only planet, to stop ignoring the fact that our government leaders have clearly replaced governing with pocket-padding, to stop blocking the attempts of authorities to make our landscape safer and more secure for all, and most of all, to stop wasting our precious time obsessing about stupid notions like the end of the Mayan calendar bringing about the end of the world.

Or… I suppose you can start obsessing about the time capsule left behind by the Donner party in 1847, that predicted that the world would be wiped out by a man-made plague in… 2016.  Guess you won’t need to vote that year…

Welcome to the New Era.  Time to get busy.

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