Concepts presented in Steven Lyle Jordan books


A recent customer asked me to list the significant science and engineering elements that have been featured in my novels.  The idea was that the list would give an idea about the kind of science I was interested in, and the general slant of my books.  This is not to suggest I “invented” all of these ideas myself; but some of them are unique and created by me, or independently of its use in other books.

Once I finished the list, I thought it was a pretty good list to share… so, here goes:

The Onuissance Cells: Major cities are disassembled and used to build encapsulated mega-cities (aka Arcologies); service robots; data access “sleeve”; cloned meat; hoverbikes.

Evoguía: Advanced medical monitoring and hypnotherapy used to allow patients to access and control autonomous parts of the brain for physical development.

Worldfarm One: United Nations-sponsored high-capacity farm network; combined information/entertainment/home control component appliance; counter-sonic pest/animal control.

As The Mirror Cracks: Worldwide virtual reality with full-immersion headset, customizable avatars and consistent physical laws that allow for superheroes, monsters and aliens; tied in to world financial structure to allow VR users to make a living they can spend in the real world, and vice versa.

Chasing The Light: “Scrapbook” digital clipping and data storage tablet (a few years before a little thing called an “iPad” was released); Mobile solar cell factory in a semi trailer; Photovoltaic panels backed by a nano-antenna that absorbed infra-red radiation, making the solar cells significantly more efficient and longer-lasting; self-driving cars and trucks; autonomous truck convoys; remote vehicle operation (used to control, or crash, a vehicle).

The Kestral Voyages: Galactic Union of worlds, inhabited by humans genetically modified to thrive on specific worlds, creating various new species of humans; terraforming; faster-than-light travel; ship’s drone, mechanical assistant to Captain and crew; counter-sonic noise control; cloned meat.

The Verdant Series: Orbital city-satellites above Earth, housing tens of millions of people in an 80% sustainable environment; The Verdant Drive, a system that “translates” an object from one place in space to another without traversing the space in-between; Translation Drones to scout a translation location and report back on its suitability; GLIS, Governing Logistics Information System, monitoring day-to-day operations and support; Cloud of living spherical organisms traveling in vacuum; counter-sonic noise control.

Sarcology: The advancement of robotics and automation into everyday lives, including self-driving vehicles, commonplace drone use, and sophisticated humanoid robots to be used in military and law enforcement duties; robots as surrogates for human relationships and sex; smart city design, including segregating road and pedestrian levels in city centers; more ubiquitous public space monitoring and biometric-based ID systems, alongside “no surveillance” zones demanded by privacy-demanding public; tighter control of firearms in public hands and the standard issuance of defensive tasers to the general public.

*Living Mall: An Arcology called a “Living Mall”; A power source for the LM, using water flow to run a MHD generator (no moving parts or heat generated, very environmentally friendly).

*Robin: Robot built from prosthetic body replacement parts.

*Sol: Druller’s Field: A suit that taps into brain waves and projects a telekinetic field at the control of the user; exploring adjacent arms of the galaxy to find similarly-matured intelligent species; data access “sleeve”.

*Encephalopath: An internet device that communicates directly with the brain, offers enhanced impression of net structure; Groups of cities forming into Arcologies; 3-D modeling columns.

*Factory Orbit: Orbital factory made up of discarded STS shuttle tanks; manufacturing products in space that take advantage of microgravity and vacuum for manufacturing control and purity; pocket-sized PDA/communicators with voice control; PDA components (screens, earpieces); counter-sonic noise control.

*Not currently in circulation

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