Want a sample of me?


EvoguíaCheck out Evoguía, one of my earliest superior works, and now FREE on my site! I have other free material on my site, but other than a set of short stories (The Onuissance Cells), most of them are throwaway efforts, largely humorous, not SF.  Although I’ve heard good things about them, I also constantly heard the opinion of many that I really ought to be taking one of my full novels, one that is more representative of my writing, and put that up for free.

I resisted this advice for quite some time, until I heard it from someone whom I respect more than all of those authors and readers combined… my father.  When he suggested one of my better books should be free, I listened.  And as I’d just finished re-editing and proofing Evoguía for re-release, and as it happened to be a very good story, I decided that it made a very good candidate for free-sample-hood.

The story starts off in Atlanta, Ga, in roughly the present day (a day now passed, due to the age of the novel, but it doesn’t seriously detract from the story), and continues on through two more generations related to the main characters: Dr. Anitra Juarez, the developer of the human augmentation experiments; and her subjects, John Jafar, Nami Waters, Nicolette Larson, and Harvey Taim, who usher in a new species of Mankind, and all that that implies.  The epilogue gives us a final look, many generations in the future, of a world that has been forever altered by Dr. Juarez’ experiments.

This was my attempt to find a method of human “improvement” that didn’t have to involve genetic experimentation and manipulation, processes that are much further out than we would like to think, and which (in popular media) inevitably lead to lab rats-turned-Frankenstein Monsters and runaway mutations of the absurd kind.

Evoguía‘s storied experiments are based on observation of real-life examples of human augmentation, such as the yogis of Asia, the Shamans of the America, the Pacific pearl divers, etc… people who have learned to manipulate and control the autonomous functions of their bodies through natural meditation and practice… and assisted by modern biofeedback techniques to aid the self-teaching process.  There are no magic elixirs, genetics geniuses, freak accidents or bumbling terrorists wrecking critical experiments at the exact worst time… which makes the events of the story that much more impacting, as they could very conceivably happen.

This is the kind of story I most enjoy writing, realistic and exciting… many authors will try to give you one, but not the other.  I like both.

So, check it out.  Enjoy.  And if you do, check out some of my other books… and tell a few friends to check them out, too.


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