Two releases: A new book and a reissued book


I’d like to announce two releases from Steven Lyle Jordan Books, a new book and a reissued book.

The new book is Verdant Pioneers, sequel to last year’s hit Verdant SkiesPioneers picks up a year after the events of Verdant Skies, as the satellite Verdant struggles to make ends meet out in deep space, moving from system to system in search of the raw materials it needs to survive, fighting off terrorist factions that seek to force their return to Earth influence, and unsure of Earth’s state. No one on Earth knows Verdant’s status, either, and both sides are afraid of aggression from the other.

And when the deep-space discovery of the age is spoiled by the unexpected disappearance of one of their freighters, Julian Lenz and his staff must make a difficult decision: To take Verdant into hiding, perhaps forever; or to return to Earth, and risk Verdant’s survival.

Fans everywhere raved over Verdant Skies, and demanded to know what happened to the satellite and its residents after they left Earth orbit. Verdant Pioneers is the second chapter of Verdant’s epic journey.

The second book is Evoguía:  A scientist in Atlanta creates a revolutionary breakthrough in accessing the untapped potential in humans, and in so doing, sows the seeds of a decades-spanning conflict between Homo Sapiens and a group of people—a 98-pound weakling, a police detective, a boy with learning difficulties and an illness-prone woman—who become the first generation of Homo Evoguía… the Self-Evolved Man.

Evoguía is re-edited and reissued from the original manuscript.  It is proofed to correct errors, but the text remains essentially the same as the original version.

Both books, as well as the rest of my online catalog, are available in multiple ebook formats from my site, and from most popular ebook resellers, with No DRM, at the incredible price of $0.99US.  Other books from my backlist will be added to the site as I have the chance to edit and reissue each one.


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