What! Not another #%@&!*$!! blog?!?


The author at rest.Funny… that’s exactly what I said, when numerous people recommended that, to help promote my site and sell my books, I start a blog.

Yes, yet another blog.  One that will feature my impressions and comments on science, technology, the environment, social issues, and how they all go together; not to mention comments about the more personal things that conspire to make me who I am.  And oh, yes, promoting my books.

Another one of those.

Before there were blogs, I had a series of sub-pages on my books site that featured… well, everything mentioned above.  The difference between those former pages and a modern blog, however, is that no one could comment on my old web pages directly—sure, they could email me, but their emails wouldn’t automatically go public.  And that, of course, is the big deal about blogs, the reason they’re so popular: They’re not soapboxes, they’re backyards; a place where my opinion isn’t worth beans, unless everyone else can come in and render their opinions of my opinions.  A blog, simply put, isn’t for me… it’s for everyone else.

And so, here I am with yet another #%@&!*$!! blog.  Yes, the backyard gate is open.  Come in, have a beer, and mind the northwest corner… it’s kind of muddy over there.


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